About Us


Welcome to Geogrid Energy Company

Geogrid is one of the companies of the reserved and base-load energy market in Africa. The company is set-up to take investment opportunities in the privatized energy market.

Who We Are

Geogrid Energy Company Limited is a privately-held independent power generation company, borne out of the vision of its founders to help tackle the power challenges as well as contributing immensely to the power sector in Nigeria. Over the years the nation has continually experienced a deficit in its Power generation vis-a-vis the consumption of same, thus resulting in the enactment of new laws in the power sector, meant to address this challenge. This situation has helped Geogrid Energy Company position itself, as the foremost power solutions company in Nigeria and the West African Sub-region at large.

Geogrid is a full-service energy company providing a broad spectrum of energy solutions to clients across various industrial sectors notwithstanding locations. We have a strong network of globally and locally recognized partners and we have carefully cultivated relationships internationally, which we believe would enable us to consistently deliver exceptional service to our clients.

Geogrid is positioned and set to render innovative and high quality technical services and solutions that meet every need associated with generation, transmission and distribution of electric power.

Geogrid also develops captive power solutions by directly taking power to where it is needed the most; the customers. We focus on tailor-made power generation solutions which meet specific electricity needs of different customers, and at different locations.