We all know how the power situation in our dear country is and its history. With the problems of power supply persisting coupled with gas pipeline vandalization such that gas supply to the thermal power plants is erratic thereby shifting the focus on diversification of the energy mix especially by the present government with the spotlight on renewable power sources in particular.

Of course, solar energy is likely the first to come to mind with substantial investment already been laid down by institutions and companies like the African Development Bank. However, there’s another renewable energy source that has massive and untapped potential; Hydropower.

Do I hear you say we have Kanji, Jebba and Shiroro Dams already?

Yes, we do but these are a mere fraction of what hydropower can offer our country. This power source alone can add above 14,000 MW to the nation according to the Energy Commission of Nigeria and the Transmission Company of Nigeria.

Now Small Hydro Power is the most interesting of this lot. Why? This is because it requires the least investment out of the hydro power sources and can be applied to achieve to obtain power as low as 100 Kilo Watt (KW) or lower. And we do have a lot of rivers which can easily generate power using SHPs. Also, when one takes into account that 55% of our population have no access to grid power and majority these are outside cities, SHPs represents one of the primary ways which rural electrification can be achieved.

SHP plants can be executed to supply the grid or/and in a micro/mini-grid infrastructure.

It must be said that this power solution is not another white elephant project as SHP plants have already been executed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, UNIDO, in Taraba and Bauchi states.

With the potential for SHP scattered across the country, Geogrid Energy Company is ready to take advantage of the exciting prospect.