Geogrid Energy and Global Hydro Energy; The accent of a unique partnership

As September heralded to a close, Global Hydro Energy Gmbh stated her intent in bringing small hydropower to Nigeria. The Austrian company, one of Europe’s top hydropower solutions developer, was in Lagos at the Advantage Austria event held on the 25th of September to present their line of solutions as well as their latest innovation, the Smart T. One of the founding founders of the company, Mr Marius Haeger, described the technology as a plug and play system which can be designed to the customer’s specification and can generate up to 1 megawatts (MW). In addition, these small hydropower solutions can be implemented in hybrid systems to incorporate solar systems in mini-grid infrastructure thereby offering greater efficiency. They have extensive experience implementing their solutions across the world and are seeking to penetrate the sub-Saharan African market.

As one of Nigeria’s premier power solutions provider, we at Geogrid Energy Company (GEC) have entered a partnership with Global Hydro to bring this technology to the Nigerian market. This comes as a good time especially with the recent reforms in the power sector and mini-grid regulation. Hydropower is still a widely untapped frontier when it comes to power in Nigeria and small hydropower offers a route to exploiting it. Our managing director, Mr Dayo Sobitan, stated at the event GEC’s commitment to implementing small hydropower across the nation via the mini grid infrastructure thereby bringing sustainable and clean power to offtakers especially those underserved and/or unserved by the grid.

Our sights are firmly set on making sure small hydropower gains a foothold in the Nigerian energy space as well as in Africa. This, we intend to achieve with our partners at Global Hydro Energy Gmbh.

Here are some pictorial highlights from the event;